Florida cops looking for Deva Brat

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deva-bratt-photo-2.jpgThe Palm Beach County Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida has issued a warrant for the arrest of dancehall entertainer, Sheldon smith aka Deva Bratt.

Deva Bratt was scheduled to answer to charges of driving without a valid licence, did not appear in court on Monday, but reports are that the artiste did no show up, nor did his legal team make any representation on his behalf. Deva Bratt's court-appointed attorney is Public Defender Daniel Lewin.

Deva Bratt has a troubled history of run-ins with the law. run afoul of the law. In April, he had his battery case in Boca Raton, Florida, thrown out due to an "uncooperative victim". Battery is an intentional unpermitted act causing harmful or offensive contact with another person.

The artiste, who was part of the Kartel-led Portmore Empire, was acquitted of indecent assault and assault occasioning bodily harm of two females in the Spanish Town RM Court in St Catherine in 2012. Prior to that, he was freed of a carnal abuse charge following an incident in 2008 involving a minor.