'Call Me Uncle Freaky': Bad Boy Trevor renamed himself

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bad-boy-trevor-uncle-freaky.jpgIn light of the stand taken by Beenie Man against freaking out the Dancehall and Bad Boy Trevor's subsequent response, YardFlex is doing a throwback to a April 2013 article, in which the super freak, Bad Boy Trevor publicly changed his moniker and boasted about his freakiness. Please read article below:

"Controversial comedian Bad Boy Trevor is now performing under a new moniker called 'Uncle Freaky'. The veteran comedian, who has made no secret of his appreciation for oral sex, says his new moniker represents his self-honesty.

"I mostly party at exotic clubs because I find that those people are more honest. I like the environment and it does not have a bunch of hypocrites like the dances. A selector will say all who have dem own gun put up yu hand and every man put up dem hand, then him sey all who don't suck this put up yu hand and everybody put up dem hand, so I prefer places like Lucky 38 where people are more honest with themselves, people just unleash and be free," he said.

The comedian, who also hosts several parties in the Corporate Area which are normally based on highly sexualised themes, says his events have their own fan base.

Coupled with his freaky fan base and the popularity of Tommy Lee Sparta's former 'Uncle Demon' Moniker, Bad Boy Trevor decided to rebrand himself as 'Uncle Freaky'.

"I have people from the universities who come to my parties and they take part in freaky games because they just want to feel free and clear their heads, so freakiness can be therapeutic," he said.

According to the actor who released a sextape performing oral sex on a woman in 2001, he knows that there are Jamaicans who want a specific type of entertainment and he caters to that market.