Top selectors leave Flava Unit to form Di Unit

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Front men for Flava Unit, Badda Bling, Tall Man and Little Rich have parted ways with the sound system and have formed themselves into Di Unit.

"Whatever we do now, we will have sole responsibility in terms of where we are going. We are firmly in a position to know what we know will take us to the next level," they said.

However, Badda Bling stressed that money never played a part in the decision to part ways.

"There was never a money issue. We have always had a good relationship where money was concerned. Respect and appreciation value more than money to me," he said.

The split was also confirmed by the owner of Flava Unit, Desmond Reid, who sent an e-mail to THE STAR saying, "After 10 long, successful years, Flava Unit long-standing members, Tallman and Mathew 'Badda Bling' Mothersill have decided to branch out on their own with their new venture in the entertainment business. Flava Unit Sound remains in its full capacity and will assure that the the same level of professionalism and quality is delivered to all its customers and friends. I hope that the relationship between us remains the same going forward."

Now, Badda Bling says he, along with Tall Man and Little Rich, will be moving forward as Di Unit.

"We still have that charisma and charm; it is just that we are out on our own now. Most of the bookings (for Flava Unit) was always being done by Tall Man in the streets, and persons know what we offer. Persons have been enquiring and asking, and we can be contacted at 413-9496 and 438-2121."

He added that they have already been getting bookings, with Busta School Tour next week being among the first set of bookings for them as part of their own entity, Di Unit.