The Bahamas: Jamaican club owner charged

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Jomo Campbell, the attorney in the Bahamas representing nightclub owner Omar Gordon, accused of facilitating 14 women dancers, 12 of whom are Jamaicans and an additional two who are Bahamians, is denying the allegations brought against his client.

"My client has been granted bail from the Supreme Court. He has denied all the charges," said Campbell.

The 40-year-old Gordon, who is Jamaican, faces charges for having a business opened beyond licensed hours, playing loud music, refusing to allow peace officers on his premises, and 14 counts of abetting the women. These charges stem from a raid on his Madeira Street club, Club Pure, on April 25. The police, acting on information, went to the nightclub and, upon their arrival, found women allegedly hiding in a secret room, according to the Bahamian Tribune.

They have been charged with committing gross indecency.

The women, along with Gordon, were taken into custody concerning infringements of immigration and business licence laws.

All individuals are to return to court on July 15.

When Campbell was asked if there were any incidents of human trafficking involving Jamaicans, he said there were none.

"I actually spoke with the ambassador; there is no indication of human trafficking. I can tell you that those young ladies were involved in no prostitution at all. There is nothing to indicate that there were any acts of prostitution," Campbell said.