'Sister P and her bodyguards' at Career Day divide Facebook

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career-day-portia-bodyguards.jpgThis picture of three children at their recent career day at school has been making the rounds on Facebook and elsewhere, and has caused the ultimate schism. Half of the people are in favour of it and think it is "A Great job ... thumbs up" while the other half think that these parents "deserve prison time".

Here are some of the comments:

"Clearly that is Portia, and her body guards... who would go career day with this... parents deserve prison time."

"Mi waaan delete this from mi page. Mi find it distasteful and exploitative. Only because it seem to be encouraging our children to aspire to mediocre. I feel hungry looking at the photo. Really!! PNP!!! Really!! I'm dumb!"

"I am in two minds about this ...... i don't think the kids think if She is a bad prime minister or not ... i like the fact that she is aspiring to be Prime Minister .. what is annoying me is the Flag .... why did the parents make it political"

"Funny to the 10th power."
"Fix it Jesus...lol..lol..hahahaha"
"I don't get it... can someone explain what is happening here please? thanks!"

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