Singer Paulette Santana bats for the children with Dead In Deh

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Fed up with the images of children being abused and their lives snuffed out, upcoming singer, Paulette Santana has released the militant, no-hold-barred single, Dead In Deh, which warns the perpetrators of child abuse that there is no sympathy for them when they are caught and sent to prison.

The artiste who is managed by 1Family Entertainment noted that the song is a direct aim at those older men who are using and abusing little girls (and boys)for their own perverted pleasure. In the single, she asks: "How could a 12 year old seize you/Tell me what that little girl deh could a really do fi please you?"

The singer also urges everybody to be militant and stand up for the rights of the children and call up on mothers to protect their children from these monsters. Stop cover up fi the an dem,' is her plea to the mothers.

Paulette Santana a strong, focused and talented 24-year-old musician hails from Resource, in Manchester, Jamaica. Amidst the economic challenges she encountered while growing up in a single- parent household with her mother and seven siblings, she held firmly to her goals of becoming a successful musician and a force to reckon with in the music industry. Among her idols are Reggae songstress Etana who she admires for her soulfulness and positive songs and Paula Shaw, a neighborhood philanthropist and role model who has helped to mould her in the individual that she is today.

She attended Grove Town Primary School and later Bishop Gibson High School in Mandeville. During her tenure there, Paulette successfully perfected her communication, time management and analytic skills. Paulette Santana is quite proficient in the art of engendering and performing songs from a plethora of musical genres including, R&B, Souls, Gospel, Dancehall, and Roots Reggae.