Richie Stephens for Ardenne Alumni Mother's Day Show in Toronto

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richie-stephens-and-mama-carmen.jpgMothers in Toronto, Canada are in for a treat at the annual Ardenne Alumni Mother's Day Show which takes place on Sunday, May 10 at St Peter and Paul Banquet Hall, 231 Milner Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario.

Booked to serenade the women on their special day is reggae crooner Richie Stephens who is having a whirlwind year. The singer recently poured his heart into a compelling song titled 'For You Mama,' that he dedicated to that special woman in his life - Mama Carmen. The song is a bonafide hit and is sure to resonate with all the mothers in the house. With other love gems like 'Trying To Get To You,' 'My Girl Dis', 'Take Me Away' and 'Live Your Life' in his catalogue, Stephens will be unstoppable.

The 'Live Your Life' singer, who has is creating mayhem in music circles with current hit songs 'Everybody Dance' and 'Hall of Fame' is on a crusade to take Ska-Teck globally. Both songs which are already hits in Jamaica are making in roads in Japan, Poland, the USA, Brazil and Canada.

Other performers at the shindig include Karen Usha Gray and Ethan Chen who will grace the stage at the Mother's Day concert and luncheon.

The event is slated to begin at 1:30pm and will go on until 4:00 pm.