Nicki Minaj shares racy selfies

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nicki-minaj-photo-6.jpgSince bursting on the music scene, Nicki Minaj hasn't been shy about centring her risqué wardrobe around her bounteous bosom and bulbous buttocks.

And on Sunday night, the Trinidadian beauty decided that it was her chest that would enjoy a moment in the spotlight as she uploaded a series of racy selfies to her Instagram account.

The rapper, who is currently in Las Vegas, kicked off the stream with an image of herself playfully poking her tongue out as a gold chain rested between her pert breasts.

Her plunging pink strappy dress struggled to keep her contained as she posed for a close-up, which was captioned: 'Our pool party was poppin (sic).'

Two more images followed of her pouting for the camera while she put her boobs on display.


And, for good measure, she also added a shot of herself at the pool party in question, smiling as she stood by the glistening water at an outdoor bash in her floaty frock.

The night before, the star gave revellers a view of her sculpted abs as she arrived at Las Vegas' Chateau Nightclub And Rooftop in a white crop top with patterned skinny jeans and a cream jacket.