Nae Nae says Bridgez stole her oral sex idea for a song

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nae-nae.jpgDancehall artiste Nae Nae is fuming that fellow artiste Bridgez stole her idea to do a song with a graphic endorsement of the tabooed sex act.

"Bridgez stole my idea, she came into the studio when I was doing the song, she came into the studio and said she would never do a song like that, and only a few weeks later, she has gone and done almost the exact thing on a riddim for Chase Mills Records. How can she just get up and steal my idea and I am a young artiste coming into the business?" Nae Nae said.

Nae Nae claims that Brigdez stole the tabooed sex idea from a line in her song, Slap It Up.

"When she heard it first in our studio, she said she would never do a song like that. Yet a few weeks later, she did it. The industry is too desperate, these bigger artistes need to stop stifling young artistes, hop offa me and mek me prosper!" an irate Nae Nae said.

Nae Nae said that Bridgez is also following her on Instagram and she has been copying the more controversial traits of her personality in order to rebrand herself.

"Anyone who knows Bridgez knows she is not as controversial as that, even under her youtube video, someone said 'I thought you were a Christian'. She is stealing my controversial personality to get ahead. Her song, that line, is too similar to my line in 'Slap It Up'. This ah get to me now, she ah use my personality to ketch back a hype," she said.

The deejay, who describes herself as the modern-day Patra, is not shy about pushing buttons, as shown by her controversial video, 'Raging Bull' where she appears in a bathing suit in a river.

But who exactly is Nae Nae? She was born Shanice Graham in Kingston, but grew up in Trelawny. She also resided in the UK for a short time. She knew from a young age that she wanted to do music and her father gave her the nickname, 'Nae Nae' so she just ran with it.