Good performance from Macka Diamond at More Life concert

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macka-diamond-photos-2.jpgDressed in a purple-and-black gladiator costume, with knee-length gladiator boots and purple highlights in her hair, Macka Diamond delivered a stunning performance to a packed house at the 'More Life' show at Brixton Academy 02 in the United Kingdom on Sunday.

She was at her saucy best during a racy performance that found her interacting with the crowd, male cameramen and enthusiastic male patrons.

Hitting the stage with her age-old favourite, Hula Hoop, she immediately got the crowd energised when she invited two women onstage to dance.

One of them, a rotund woman with bountiful breasts, provided much amusement with her body-jiggling antics. She was a livewire throughout the song, performing her dance moves, even when her jiggling caused a wardrobe malfunction and her breasts accidentally popped out of her blouse.

Macka Diamond attempted to get the cameraman involved in her set but he retreated and walked away, laughing.

She segued neatly into Cow Foot, asking all the girls whose "body no have no arthritis and who fa body nah mek no noise" to scream. The girls obliged. She performed Done Already, earned a forward and pulled up the song.

Deafening crescendos greeted her when she performed the few first bars of Bun Him and she stopped deejaying as the crowd began to sing the song in unison. Macka Diamond then stopped the rhythm and invited two female patrons onstage to attempt to deejay the song, a move that had hilarious results.She did Forty and Fabulous and Twist Me before ending strongly with her mega hit, Dye Dye.

Macka Diamond returns to Jamaica to continue the promotion of her latest singles, No Money No Love for Chase Mills Records, and Mosquito One for producer Troyton 'Black Shadow' Remi.