Foota hypes up Kartel's fans to diss Alkaline

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foota-hype.jpgIt's all about entertainment and there was that and more as dancehall selector, Foota Hype turned the tables on over-rated deejay Alkaline at Best of the Best in Florida on Sunday and used Vybz Kartel's fans to diss Alkaline.

alkaline-photo-9.jpgFoota Hype performed right after Alkaline, whose performance had high and very low moments. As Foota took control of the stage, he asked the audience to show hands if they believed Alkaline was a better artiste than Vybz Kartel. Much to the dismay of Alkaline and his entourage, every (almost) hand went up in support of Kartel. Some persons even booed Alkaline to show their support for the incarcerated deejay, who last performed at Best of The Best via satellite in 2011.

Reports are that some members of Alkaline's entourage tried to make their way to the backstage area following Foota Hype's comments. However, organiser to the event, Jabba, was swift in his actions and sent security personnel to ensure that no physical altercation occurred.

According to Foota Hype: "Him kuff himself because dem did a clap him off before mi even go out there. So a him hurt himself, him diss me on a song which is played on the radio everyday and accuse me of being gay. A yu did a throw wud pon record against Vybz Kartel, so why get upset when the people speak ... that don't mek no sense, don't vex," Foota Hype said.

The DJ also said Alkaline's performance was less than impressive, therefore, his (Foota Hype) actions couldn't have caused much more damage.