Fiction to open VIP Lounge and Deck Thursday

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fiction-fantasy.jpgThe official opening of the Fiction Fantasy VIP lounge & deck is set to take place on Thursday May 21 at 6PM

The new Lounge & Deck offers an alternative for the after-work crowd from the hours of 4pm and11pm Wednesdays to Sundays.

"The FANTASY Lounge & Deck will be somewhere to enjoy premium wines and cocktails while enjoying entertainment in a relaxed casual outdoor environment," said Group Marketing Manager for Linkup Media, Natalie Outar.

"Mr. Annakie promises to take the deck life at Fiction Nightlife Entertainment (FNE) to another level," added Outar

The David Annakie led Linkup Media Group of Companies, now fully owns and operates the Fiction FANTASY Nightclub which incorporates the Lounge & Deck through FNE.