Devin Di Dakta, Tripple A crowned Magnum King and Queen

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tripple-a.jpgCrowd favourites, Devin Di Dakta and Tripple A, who walked away as the winners of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall finals on Saturday night at the Fisheries Car Park in downtown Kingston.

With the Ruff Kutt Band on stage, the right mood was set for the lyrical face-off with the top four contestants. There was high intensity when both Tripple A and Ffrench took the stage for their lyrical bout.

Despite her slip-up at the last staging, Tripple A still had her numerous supporters cheering her on even as Ffrench deejayed, "why mi haffi get a man fi clash?" There were some boos from sections of the audience as she attacked Tripple A's 'fluffy' appearance. Unbothered, Tripple A replied saying, "a mi appearance mi use fi defend me."

Tripple A even poked fun at herself noting that she forgot her lyrics before but it would not happen this time around. And, although she had a similar mishap right after uttering those words, Tripple A managed to regain her confidence and got 'forwards' in the process.

At the end of their clash, the judges - Miss Kitty, Professor Nuts, Skatta and guest judge Damion Crawford - all agreed that the clash ended in a tie.

But when Devin Di Dakta and Lava Vein took the stage, there were no questions about who would win. In a surgical manner, Devin gave Lava Vein no opportunity to recover from his lyrical onslaught, especially when he said, "A me di bwoy a call docta fish a because him girlfriend steam mi down this morning."