Bridgez oral sex song stimulating debate

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Popular dancehall artiste Bridgez is stimulating debate with a new salacious single called 'Know You Baby'. The song has shocked listeners and won her a new generation of fans, given the mad props from the public on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts since its release.

"Yes, I've done it before, so what? Oral sex is not something to be ashamed of, what's the big deal? Since my song came out on YouTube last week, a lot of people have given me support. the disc jockeys, the selectors say they like it. one even said if the song didn't sound like a hit, I would've gotten bun out for that one line, but he said because it sounds good, he likes it. A few of my family members have called since the song was released, as they are a bit concerned, but I am an adult expressing myself," Bridgez, aka Beretta, said.

She said the song is not explicitly about oral sex, but it has struck a chord with both males and females because of its risqué content.

"This is just a song of a girl who is falling in love with someone they are already sexually involved with, and someone with whom they want to 'get to know better'. For me, oral sex is the next level of the relationship. it is something intimate with someone special, someone you really love," she said.

Oral sex has always been a tabooed topic in Jamaican dancehall, but since Ce'cile first deliciously raised the subject years ago, all the inhibitions are finally going out the window. Bridgez is leading the charge of female deejays who are not afraid to announce their oral skills to the world. She is a bit surprised at the huge feedback on social media, given that the song has not yet fully hit FM radio.