Bogdanovich blasts rumours about affair with Ishawna following Toya's death

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joe-bogdanovich-and-ishawna.jpgDown Sound Records chief executive officer Josef Bogdanovich has dismissed claims that he and dancehall artiste Ishawna were having an affair, and that they were having a clandestine moment only hours after his common-law wife's death in New York.

"I'd like to clarify that the picture with Ishawna and myself circulating virally and quoted as the two of us being in some club in lis over the weekend partying on the sly is utter nonsense. The truth is Down Sound was booked by a promoter to bring 'The Blitz' to Fort Lauderdale from as early as February this year," he said.

"I want you to know that I support my artistes fully both onstage and off and whatever folks want to say about me and Down Sound, I welcome it with joy. I'm only asking that they have some respect and leave my dead wife's name out of it because it is disgusting and vile," he said.

Bogdanovich with Ishawna, after his wife's death last week. The Down Sound Records CEO says he was only supporting his artiste.
At the time of her death, the doctors had already located two kidney donors for Toya. She has been severely sick for two years fighting the disease.

"Arrangements were being made for a transplant but first we had to get her strong enough to have the operation," he said.