A union of disunity, party favour, money woes and bare confusion

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People are asking what is really happening at the so-called union that was in the courts the other day after after a part of the organisation broke away.

Mout seh dat di lickle short man who name after a certain day that is marked with chocolates and roses and the colour red, is very much in the red. Some of the workers at the union have not been paid for last month; account freeze; people money wha get draw outta dem salary fi housing trust and credit union and all these things doan reach where it suppose to go; not to mention the statutory dem!!

A bare bagarang a galang down dehso.Patty shop to di werl!!!!

We all hear how people get dem vacation pay fi 2016 already. Yes, oonuh hear right. We still inna di year 2015, but certain people in charge get dem vacation pay fi 2016 already!!!!!

Sistah P, if yuh nuh too busy, we a beg yuh tek a look dung deh.

But then again, dat nah mek no sense, cause if yuh tek a look at the new NHT Board, you a go find seh di same lickle man just get appointed fi siddung pon it. To hell wid integrity. A just party favour a run di cut.