Promoter denies sex at dance

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A video showing a half-naked woman and a man attempting to have sex at the popular Nipples Tuesdays dance recently have been making the rounds on social media.

The video shows the man wearing a condom and having difficulty getting his member up. He is then assisted by the woman in stroking it, before she takes off her undergarment. She then jumps into his arms and they fall to the ground. The video clip then ends.

The large crowd which gathered around the two while the music was being played were amused by the young man who tried repeatedly had no 'nature'. Some encouraged the woman, who was visibly upset, to start him up with oral sex. There were more than 10 camera phones rolling.

Attempting to bring clarity to the incident, promoter Mark Ward said the two did not have sex. He added that the incident happened after the party, now known as Magnum Way Up Tuesdays.

"It is after the party had finished in the morning. I had to get someone to take her home. I saw her in the party and she was there doing her thing. I told her she could not be there doing that," he said.

According to Ward nothing happened because she had been prevented from carrying out her actions.

"Nothing happened. People didn't allow her to do whatsoever she wanted to do," he said. Ward also claimed his event has a strict rule in which live sex cannot happen.

"It is not a go-go club. If people try to do that we break it up," he pointed out.