'My Jam' is World Happiness Day theme song

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mr-vegas-photo-11.jpg International recording artiste Mr Vegas has once again given the masses something to talk about.

Within five days of his My Jam video being premiered onZumba'sYouTubechannel, it scored over 137,000 views. The feel-good single featuring Pitbull was chosen by Zumba to celebrate World Hapiness Day, an annual event held on March 20.

Mr Vegas shared that he was 'excited' to work with Pitbull as he has given the song much more life and has added his worldwide appeal to it.

He added: "My Jam is very upbeat and fun. Its purpose is to bring joy and happiness to all who listen".

Most recently, Mr Vegas performed at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, as a part of their newly established Sounds from the Caribbean showcase. His performance of My Jam, among other classics such as Heads High and I'm Blessed, was well received.

Large Up, the media sponsor at the event, described Vegas' performance as a 'tough act to follow'.

The contributions of Mr Vegas to the music industry and to the fans have surely not gone unnoticed as he has also been featured in international entertainment magazines, inclusive of OK Magazine, USA Star, Radar Online and many more, in the past week.