Lisa Hyper, Gaza Slim in war of words over Kartel

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Former Gaza artistes Lisa Hyper and Gaza Slim are feuding over Vybz Kartel.

Lisa Hyper, apparently ticked off that Gaza Slim had been throwing words at her, made a youtube video with a x-rated song playing in the background to the effect of "Ah My C- That'.

"Mi know him (Vybz Kartek) from mi a five, so mi learn more than yu eediat gal, mi learn now fi perform, cause no matter how much song yu have a play," Lisa Hyper taunted.

Lisa Hyper also delivered a veiled threat to Gaza Slim.

"Hey gal, know wah yu a do, know how yu a throw word. Ah me this, never change, hear that? Don't mek dem fool yu! Good," Lisa Hyper said.

Contacted afterwards, Lisa Hyper declared:

"Mi nuh have beef with no gal!!! As a matter of fact, I don't even consume beef. Just look out for the collaboration with myself and J Capri called 'Love to Remember', a Jam 2 production," she said.

Other singles include Galtuff/Mantuff featuring Tactical and My Man That for All Faces Production.

"The song in the background playing in the video is All Faces song and that will be released in April...I have a next collaboration coming out for All Faces as well, but that's a surprise," she said.