Kern Spencer stars in new reality show, 'Following The Spencers'

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kern-spencer-daughter.jpgKern Spencer's Following The Spencers premiered Saturday at 10.30 pm on CVMTV.

The show, which is produced by Super K Studios in association with BOJTV, will showcase the Caribbean lifestyle through the eyes of a family that is involved in TV production. Kern Spencer said the idea came about after several persons asked him to write a book about his journeys and struggles in life.

"Since the encouragement to write a book started, I kept jotting down key points to start the book. Then I realized that our company had so much video and audio footage, which reflected Caribbean lifestyle, that was going to waste, so I said to myself, why not do a reality TV show," said Spencer.

A former junior minister in the People's National Party government, Spencer has had his image stained by allegations of corruption. He was jailed for benefiting improperly under the Cuban light bulb programme, but after six years before the courts, he was freed. Spencer said he will not be held hostage by the past. He said there is a demand for programmes like his and he will be seeking to capitalise on the opportunities.

"Families such as the Kardashians are doing it and making millions of dollars and are creating employment for persons," he said.

"The Caribbean, and in particular Jamaica, has so much that could excite viewers from all over the world," said Spencer, while adding that the production aspect of the reality TV Show will also bring about significant employment for persons involved in the industry, ranging from script writers actors, producers, camera men, editors and publicists.