Clive Hunt, Tyehimba Kafele, Silvera join forces for Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment

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unbroken-element-i-talented-i-gifted-pic.jpgConfident of the potential that exists to normalise the business of reggae music to ensure its profitability and eager to strip away the multiple layers of ignorance, while working with exciting new talent, the architects of Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment are ready, willing and able to rock the musical boat. Comprising financial whiz kid, Rohan Silvera (C.E.O), producer extraordinaire and multi-instrumentalist, Clive Hunt; marketing specialist, Tyehimba Kafele, and company secretary Elaine Stewart, Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment is a full service record company zeroing in on all the needs of the artists who they represent. Although this entity is new on the scene, the individual and combined expertise and experience of this visionary team, makes the word 'new' something of a misnomer.

Some of the goals and objectives of the Company is to build artists with entrepreneurial skills; offer guidance and sound advice in regards to production, performance, branding, marketing, merchandising; shed much-needed light on blurred areas such as publishing and rights and generally show reggae artists how to further monetize their careers.

Acknowledging that partner Clive Hunt is respected as a super producer, Caribbean Rockaz will also show to the world that Mr. Hunt possesses a vast wealth of knowledge about the intricate business of music publishing and licensing deals and he is looking forward to imparting this knowledge to the artists who come on board. "There definitely needs to be more record companies in Jamaica offering full service to the artists with whom they work and we envision Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment as game-changers in the ever evolving musical landscape," says Tyehimba Kafele. She adds: "In this era Record Labels continue to sign 360 contracts with artists and many of our reggae/dancehall acts don't fully understand the implications of such contracts."

Kafele brings her usual passion, intensity and high standards to this venture, even while voicing her frustration about the local overtone that "things don't work like that in Jamaica" whenever a discussion about the importance of business models in music arises. "It's as if there is the rest of the world and then there is Jamaica. That is not so, Reggae music can follow the worldwide model and be more profitable, just like any other genres and Caribbean Rockaz intends to move forward based on international best practices. This is not about playing around in a fish bowl; it's all about swimming in the ocean," she declares.

However, Kafele is upbeat that despite the challenges, there has been genuine support and encouragement from those persons in the music industry who shares their vision. Already, Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment has signed its first act, a brand new group out of Spanish Town which goes by the name Rockaz Elements. The core members include siblings I-Talented (Alex Taffe) and I-Gifted (Ainsworth Taffe) and their childhood friend Unbroken Element (Raymond Dawkins), all of whom grew up in the church, where they honed their skills. A multi-talented outfit whose skills include singing, song-writing, production and playing instruments, Rockaz Elements has been in development for eight years preparing for this momentous journey. Their debut single, Always Be Burning, a timely marijuana expose, will be officially released this month, and the accompanying music video has already been packaged. "We are really excited about working with Rockaz Elements. What we have seen them create with little is inspiring and we look forward to playing an integral role in their artistic development," stated CEO Rohan Silvera.

While Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment prefers to work with new acts, they also welcome on board established artists who do not fit into the stereotypical mode. "First and foremost, we have a goal to build careers that are manageable. We have zero tolerance for loose cannons. Reggae music has a long way to go and we are aware of the challenges of infusing a level of discipline and structure, but we have a workable model. Reggae music has never been dead and will never die", Silvera continues.

With that being said, Caribbean Rockaz Entertainment is ready to claim their place in the global development of this music which is acknowledged as the heartbeat of the people.

CAPTION: Members of the group, Rockaz Element (Pic called Unbroken element)