Chronixx father get box dung over Obama 'waste man' comment?

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chronixx-photo-8.jpgDem she if yuh spit in di sky it fall inna yuh eye. Well, Chronixx get nuff cussing and tracing off over the Obama 'waste man' comment. Him fan dem give it to him and so him did haffi tek dung the post.

But a what dis we a hear bout him puppa? A lickle birdie tell we she smaddy box dung Chronixx pupa, Chronicle, because dem seh Chronixx disrespek Obama, the real world boss. People seh Chronixx a hide out, so if yuh can't ketch Quako, yuh ketch him shut.

Chronicle, if a so it go, we really sorry, cause dem really shouldn't drag you inna dis. But, tell yuh son seh next time him fi kibba him mout.