Bacchanal Queen Destra breaks down all barriers at Carnival in Jamaica

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Bacchanal Queen Destra Garcia found herself on the wrong side of Bacchanal organisers last Friday after the curvaceous soca icon lashed out against what she described as segregation facilitated by the organisers, strict VIP rules.

Destra was in the middle of her set during the Bacchanal Jamaica J'ouvert fete at Mas Camp, Stadium North, and about to perform her song Mash It Up, when she encouraged patrons to remove the barriers which separated the VIP from the general patrons. However, as several revellers proceeded to remove the barriers, the security crew stepped in to prevent this.

A seemingly upset Destra decided she was not going to continue her performance if the barriers were not removed. she called on the organisers to give the necessary instructions. However, they, too, refused. The refusal further threw Destra into a rage. She lashed out at what she described as class segregation.

Co-organiser of the event Michael Ammar Jr was spotted marching across the stage during Destra's rant in an attempt to proceed with the show. But Destra stood her ground, proclaiming herself to be the Queen of Bacchanal, and would not settle for segregation.

"It's been three years now I telling them to move this VIP area, but they don't listen," she said.

She then handed over the microphone to her backup singer, Silva, refusing to sing another song until the barriers were totally removed. Silva sang some popular soca songs while revellers again removed the barriers, this time without much opposition from security personnel.

Destra then returned to the stage, swept her eyes across the venue, and said she was satisfied with the adjustments. She also apologised to the organisers for her rant and told the audience her actions may have compromised the potential for her to be booked for other Bacchanal events.

"I told you move the damn fence for this song. I make no apology for my behaviour, I am the Queen of Bacchanal. I can move your damn fence, I don't promote segregation. Black, white, chiney, I don't care. Bacchanal is supposed to mean one people. Because of the problem I caused here tonight, you may not see me again, but it's ok," she said.

She then performed Max It Up, Start A Whine, and concluded with her 2015 hit Lucy.