Andrew Holness guest judge for Magnum

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Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, is expected to make an appearance as guest judge during the live staging of the popular Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall on Saturday. According to Robert Nesta Morgan, deputy opposition spokesperson on Youth and Education, the opposition leader has a deep appreciation for Jamaican culture.

"He was asked if he would be interested in being a guest judge on the show and he agreed. A lot of persons may not know, but Mr Holness has a deep appreciation for Jamaican music and culture," Morgan said. He added that Holness made an appearance on TVJ's Intense and has also been to other entertainment events.

"Mr Holness is someone who understands the importance of culture, importance of reggae music and the importance of dancehall, not only as a means of people enjoying themselves, but as an economic opportunity. The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. One of the things Mr Holness is interested in is putting forward policies to make Jamaican music more popular and stronger," he said.

He said Holness is looking forward to being part of the show.