AgroGrace celebrates new Mandeville store location

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Hardware & Lumber Ltd, through its Rapid True Value and AgroGrace divisions, continues its emphasis on strategic retooling and repositioning to satisfy market needs. The relocation and expansion of the AgroGrace Mandeville store demonstrates this commitment to maintaining market leader position in a highly competitive landscape.

AgroGrace began modestly as a department of parent company GraceKennedy Ltd., focused primarily on the distribution of fertilizers and other basic agricultural inputs. Today, the company proudly claims its place as Jamaica's leading supplier for agribusiness, public health and pest management and home gardening.

The new store location at 18 Ward Avenue, Mandeville boasts an expanded range and assortment of products in a larger and more customer friendly setting, as the company continues to raise the bar to improve customer experience. Satisfying the customers' needs is a key priority for AgroGrace.

Along with the branch in Southfield, St. Elizabeth, the new store in Mandeville is strategically located to serve the entire southwestern and central areas of the island, where agriculture is a significant contributor to the local economy.

"Through our linkages with world class suppliers, we source quality seeds, herbicides, pesticide, equipment and other agricultural inputs." comments Chief Executive Officer for Hardware & Lumber Ltd., Donna Donna stated.

A key element to the success of the business is the network of knowledgeable technical sales and marketing development representatives provided through AgroGrace. The team is responsible for providing support to farmers, resellers and other stakeholders on the best application and usage of the products and equipment.

General Manager for AgroGrace, Olive Downer-Walsh pointed out that the entire staff and management feel a great deal of pride to be standard bearers in advancing the productivity of Jamaica's agricultural and public health sectors.

Downer Walsh further asserts that, "While we celebrate the fresh new look and new arrivals, please know we are equally passionate about engaging with the communities in which we serve. Excellent customer experience is not a "buzz word" for us, it is our passion, matched only by our commitment in supporting the success of our customers through training, information sharing and the products we distribute."

PHOTO CAPTION: L-R: Everton Palmer, Palmer's Enterprise; Olive Downer-Walsh, General Manager, AgroGrace; Doreen Lawson, KDL Livestock and Agri Supplies; Donna Doran, Chief Executive Officer, Hardware & Lumber Ltd.