50 Cent vacations in Montego Bay

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50-cent-in-montego-bay.jpgDiamond-selling American rapper 50 Cent joins a list of celebrities who have chosen to spend their vacation in Jamaica in recent times.

The rapper/businessman, known for his album Get Rich or Die Tryin, landed in the island unannounced. However, on Saturday evening he took to his Instagram page to inform his fans that he was spending time in the island with his grandfather, who actually selected Jamaica as his place of recreation.

The rapper, who lost his mother during his formative years, is known to be very close to his grandfather and even posted a photograph on his Instagram page, in which he shared the same hotel bed with the senior citizen.

The photograph had the caption: "Come to Jamaica, my grand-father wanted to go, so we are here. He does whatever he wants to do". The controversial rapper also followed up with another post, posing with Montego Bay's mayor Glendon Harris.

For that photo, he wrote the caption: "So the mayor of Montego Bay stop by to make me feel at home. BOSS LIFE".

50 Cent and his G-Unit affiliates Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo have performed in the island twice. They recently revealed in an interview that Jamaica is one of their favourite places to perform, outside of the US.

"I cannot forget Kingston, Jamaica. That's one of the realest places. A lot of rappers talk and that is cool, but Jamaica is like a tested ground, and there are not a lot of rappers from here that can walk the streets of Kingston," Young Buck said.

50 Cent has sold over 30 million albums world-wide and has won several awards, including a Grammy Award, 13 Billboard Music Awards, six World Music Awards, three American Music Awards and four BET Awards.

The rapper is also promoting a new beverage called EFFEN Vodka.