Queen Ifrica happy to turn 40; takes up Samuel Jackson's challenge

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queen-ifrica-photos-2.jpg Singer Queen Ifrica, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday in style at the Opa! Greek Restaurant and Sky Lounge, is ready to take up a challenge issued out by American actor Samuel L Jackson via social media recently.

"During the recent Ice Bucket Challenge, Samuel L Jackson gave out a challenge to artistes around the world to sing a song about black people not being killed and abused anymore," she explained.

"I saw it on YouTube and I am taking up the challenge," she continued.

The result will be a Negro spirtual-flavoured single entitled Swing Low.

"I am supposed to be recording it in the studio on Friday. It's about the struggle. 'We ain't gonna stop till people are free,' was what Samuel Jackson sang as the chorus. What I did was to write the verses around that chorus. We'll be sending a copy to him when it is completed," she said.

Queen Ifrica, whose given name is Ventrice Morgan, said she will be working on the project with respected producer Clive Hunt.

The singer said she was elated to reach her 40th. However, she was also in a reflective mood as this wasn't the case for many of the island's children.

"At 40, I'm begininng all over again. To live to 40 is like reaching a 100 years old because of what is happening in our reality. In 2015, before January ended, there were

15 deaths and most of them were our kids. So it's a very trying time we're living in. So I'm... I am humbled to live to see 40," she said.