Mavado and Kartel end feud; collaborate on new single

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Mavado has collaborated with Vybz Kartel for the remix of his single 'I A'int Going Back Broke' which also features US rappers Future and Acehood.

The collaboration is the first featuring the two since their stand-off which commenced in 2006, following Kartel's exit from the Bounty Killer-led Alliance group.

Mavado and Vybz Kartel had previously collaborated for singles like Sun Rise and Happiest Days. However, their highly publicised Gaza and Gully feud, later saw the two trading lyrical insults with the release of singles like War Is In The Air, Rifle Shot, Mr Palmer, Mofraudo, among others.

The feud also saw Vybz Kartel questioning Mavado's writing skills. "How yu fi give mi hype wen yu beg mi fi par? A mi write five song give yu, tun yu inna star," Vybz Kartel claimed in the single Mofraudo.

While Mavado attempted to defend himself by drawing attention to Vybz Kartel's skin bleaching practice.

Vybz Kartel, now incarcerated, and Mavado, overseas for an extended period, the two have decided it's the best time to reunite. According to The We The Best signed artiste in a recent interview, he is set to make history with the collaboration.

"We are working on the mixtape, whenever time we say we are finished, we get more things. I just got a verse on I A'int Going Back Broke, yuh dun know with Gully Gad and Di Techa himself. Suh yu dun know it's a next history because this is like mi 10th year and the thing start off with the whole rivalry.

We can now show the youths that unity is strength and a just the paper," Mavado said.

I Ain't Going Back Broke featuring Vybz Kartel, was premiered yesterday on American website World Star Hip Hop.

Mavado also commented on Vybz Kartel's predicament in another interview. "I spoke to him and big him up, mek him know seh him fi gwaan hold the faith. Him a seh 'Yow, yuh dun know enuh Gully Gad. Yow, mi wah come a road. Mi waah mi and yuh run di thing, yuh nuh," Mavado said.