Ganja charges against Anthony B in the US dropped

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anthony-b-photo-3.jpg "I have always maintained my innocence, and I feel vindicated that the court system in Georgia have seen it fit to discontinue this trumped up case against me. I was not guilty, I did not have any weed in my possession, and justice has been served," reggae Anthony B declared on hearing that a 2013 possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charge in the United States had been dropped.

In 2013, Anthony B spent five days in a Georgia jail after he and nine members of his band and road crew were arrested in that state for ganja-related charges.

Ten persons were pulled over by state police on January 27, 2013 for a window tint violation along Interstate 75 in Houston County. Five ounces of ganja and US$7,900 were found in the vehicle. All were subsequently charged for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute the weed. Anthony B was released after posting bond of $1,000 for each charge. Nine others arrested and charged with similar offences.

The singjay, who is in the middle of a resurgence with his career with his latest single, How Do You Sleep?', and 'Low Mi Wid Mi Weed' on the Chase Mills Records label kicks off his European tour on March 28, three days shy of his 39th birthday.

He will travel to countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany and Portugal.

Anthony B first made a name with fiery songs like Fire Pon Rome and Raid The Barn in the late 1990s. He followed up those early hits with a huge dancehall single, the chart-burning number one song, Tease Her, in the 2009. He continued to tour and release albums, and in July 2013, he released the critically acclaimed 'Tribute to Legends', an album of cover versions of songs by artists such as Bob Marley, The Maytals, John Lennon, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and Ini Kamoze.