Tommy Lee Sparta to clash at Sting 2014

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At least three of the artistes now being proclaimed as the young guns in dancehall music have shown an interest in being involved in clashes at Magnum Sting 2014.

Supreme Promotions, the promoter of the event, have secured the services of Tommy Lee Sparta, his sound-a-like, Gage and Ryme Minista. The promoters are attempting to sign Alkaline.

In a release sent to yardflex, Tommy Lee Sparta stated that last year he could have taken on KipRich but he was hampered by a broken leg.

"Right now mi hear the crow them a cry, so them ready to die. Some man a talk big, so them better can back it. Gage, you better stay home; Alkaline, you seh you a the youngest but we will see who a the baddest," the deejay said.

Gage's agent, Cornelius Daley said: "Gage a the walking gun; anything test, dead. We nah back! Alkaline is just the youngest and foolest. Anybody put them foot cross dead, Tommy Lee, Alkaline, anybody."

The Sting stage has been a testing ground over the years, with some of the biggest stars solidifying themselves as icons and becoming leaders of the game.