Ishawna allegedly disses Skatta's girl in new song

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According to the Yardflex snitch, Ishawna and Satara were close friends until the sinjay decided to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend Skatta Burrell.

After Satara found out about the Affair, an anonymous Instagram page was created and began to attack Ishawna accusing her of backstabbing Satara. We are not sure if the page was being operated by Satara or not. However Ishawna has since released a song sending subliminal disses at Satara.

"me and yu man cyah stop f@#k...of course am a side bitch cuz a pon the side him kotch it mek mi ride it," she sings. See song below as well as a pic of Satara.


Ishawna - Kiss Kitty KY [Raw] [Downsound Records] [June 2014]