Gays attacked by students

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A number of gays hanging out at a gully in the New Kingston area were lucky to have escaped without any major injuries after they were recently attacked by a group of students.

The STAR happened to be in the area during the melee.

A group of students who had just left a sporting event at a venue close by, were walking in the area when they approached the gays.

As they walked along Trafalgar Road, the students began to hurl abusive language at the gays.

Things got out of hand when some of the gays began telling the male students in the group, what they would like to do to them sexually.

The students began hurling stones and various objects at the gays.

Motorists travelling along Trafalgar Road had to beat a hasty retreat, trying to prevent damage to their vehicles.

Pedestrians had to scurry for cover as the drama got intense with the gays throwing faeces at the students.

Things were brought under control as a police car approached the area, and the students ran in different directions.

The gays sought refuge along the gully bank.