Crazy Hype is a Globetrotter after Bumaye with Busy Signal

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Local dancer Crazy Hype and his M.O.B dance crew has been popular on the dance circuit since early 2000. However over the last three years, the dancer has become an household name in several other countries outside of Jamaica, this he credits to his work on several music videos notably Bumaye.

According to the dancer, Jamaicans don't value dancers at the level which they ought to. However in foreign countries they are nothing short of superstars.

"When I am in places in Europe, the people can't get enough of me. They recognize me from the Bumaye music video and even in the streets its like I cant walk because they recognize me," he said.

The dancer who was a friend of the late dance icon 'Bogle'. Says much of his popularity must be credited to the dance move which he did in the music video, a move which was popularized by Bogle himself.

"When people see the dance move dem a sey no sah a di living Bogle dat, because they recognize the dance and people always ask me to do that move abroad," he said.

The award winning dancer is not only known for his dancing skills, but also his writing skills and recently penned the lyrics to a new dance song which will be released in 2015. The dancer also co-wrote a single which will be featured on the album of a well-known European artiste.