Kiprich brags bout sex with Danielle D.I on twitter?

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According tweets from a twitter account called Kiprich Sting King, dancehall artiste Kiprich and Danielle D.I had sex on the set of their video shoot for the collaboration called Hear Di Pree.

The snippets from the video were quite raunchy, however these recent posts from Kiprich are basically selling the idea that they actually have a sexual relationship.

Here are some of the tweets, you be the judge.

Kiprich Sting King @KiprichWarKing  ·  38m

Danielle D.I haffi hear mi pree and bruck off mi cocky inna real life, yu thing a song thing this #KINGLIFE

Kiprich Sting King @KiprichWarKing  ·  43m

Mi nuh brag wen mi dagga woman but da one ya worth it, all youth view mi mek mi name inna har heart, nuh behavior

  Kiprich Sting King @KiprichWarKing  ·  46m

She a talk bout rebel but wen mi knock it hard she mek noise like treble, real quenga inaa dancehall 

Kiprich Sting King @KiprichWarKing  ·  51m

Match made and dancehall a wah duh dem. Straight daggering after this