Girl taken off graduation list after ... Freaky video leaked at school

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A 17-year-old female student was kicked from the graduation roster of one of Clarendon's most prominent high schools after a steamy sexually explicit video was released on WhatsApp with the teenager and a taxi operator having wild sex in the trunk of a blue station wagon.

The video, which was released two weeks ago and is going viral, shows the teenager from the well-known educational institution dressed only in a pair of glasses, while the taxi operator was sheathed only in a condom.

It is understood that when she turned up for school two Mondays ago, the video had already been distributed among the students and screened by teachers and ancillary staff, and a 'welcoming party' of jeerers and astonished school administrators anxiously awaited her.

It is reported that the principal later informed the graduating class of 2014 that "Miss movie star won't be graduating" and confessed that she cried after watching the steamy sex act on WhatsApp.