Bounty Killer's Nephew Says Mavado Caused his own friend's Death and is trying to take over Gaza

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According to Bounty Killer's nephew and recording Advance, he respects Mavado, but the accusations made against his uncle and mentor Bounty Killer are unfair.

"I have Respect for Mavado & i have Respect for Bounty Killer, But The Jamaican Public & World Deserves to know the truth. And the Only way to do this is to let the people look and listen, observe and learn for them selves, My First Question Wasn't Mavado blaming the Police for killing his friend in the beginning ? On behalf of My Self, My Uncle Bounty Killer, and the Entire Alliance Camp, I would like to Send Our Deepest Condolences to the Conrad Family, even tho we & the entire music industry have said it before, we don't mind saying it again because life is the most important thing. Now My Question for the Public is What Happened to the Police Officer that he Mavado Said Wanted to Kill Him and accidentally Killed His Friend ?," Advance continued.

"Anyways now after Watching Mavado´s Recent Onstage Interviews, I realize he is basically saying only two things "Respect & Loyalty" and I Quote Respect & Loyalty! ok now lets put that a side for a second and lets tackle the root of the problem ok. So obviously Mavado is Saying he is upset becuz Bounty killer did not send his Condolences, "David Brooks aka Mavada thats a lie, becuz its obvious to the persons in the club and the jamaican public that your upset about a statement that you hear Seh! Bounty killer of Made about you and your friends came and mash up his party Facts! ,and I Quote hear Seh! . lol jah know star, but anyways even if Bounty had Made such a Statement it is in his right to do so, because it was his party and his lost, same as how it was your right to greave about the lost of your friend, yes life is the most important thing at the end of the day I do agree, and yes a party is just a party, but Mavado thats does not escape the fact of reality that regardless of the circumstances that occurred that night, at the end of the result, the event was destroyed by you Mavado and your friends and yes connie got shot & died by you¨ll behavior & thats the reality. And to top things off didn't Chase Cross immediately started to release diss songs one week after aiming at the general that u claim u have so much respect for and what did u do are say ??? I heard him speaking about Bounty Killers Personality issues, Yes Agree but u know What Mavado, which human-being on this earth is flawless or perfect, "No one" everyone has something about them that someone else does not like even you Mavado, even My Self & thats just life.

"This comment below was made by a fan" #Facts

Mavado too lie..him just playing victim. Him not telling the people that he is the one who is responsible for his own friend death, him and the police kick off and his friend was defending him by baxing the police and lost his life. Mavado also saying killa went to their enemy club but mavado was invited to their same enemy club and did a show there 2years before the shooting.

A Hint for the Gaza Fans Open unnu eyes Mavado is trying remove the Gaza moniker and Replace it with Gully but i can honestly tell you that won't work.

A Big Respect to Dj Khalid for What he have said "Family Don't Fight Family! "Love & Unity Mi Seh! Within The Music.

My Main Reason For Presenting this Statement, is to Provide the Public of jamaica & the World at Large, ( Not Alliance Fans & Not Gully Fans ) The General Public with the Correct information so that they can be there own analysis, Because it is full time we stop from draggin each other down, because this is what this is at the end of the day "Crab inna Barrel" Love and Unity is What we Need within our music, so everyone that agrees pls share a "Love & Unity" Comment and each negativity that there are promoting in our culture, & Our Beautiful Island of Jamaica, Jah Bless to One & all #OneUniversalLove Advance Seh! So Properly Properly Properly," Advance concluded in his long message.