Prodi releases first dancehall song

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PRODI- Hustlers anthem (April 2014)

Just last year, gospel artiste Prodigal Son announced his decision to branch out into the reggae market. Now, the artiste is once again adding another branch, this time, his focus is on dancehall music.

The gospel artiste recently released his new dancehall single titled Hustler's Anthem and was quick to point out that he was simply using different genres as a means of expressing himself.

"My song, Head Caan Hot So, had elements of dancehall in it. To me, dancehall is just a genre, it's a part of my culture. I am dancehall and dancehall is me.I am way more focused on the support I am getting from my real fans. Those are the people who are looking out for me. I am not focused on naysayers. I'm just going to continue to put out good music and focus on what I am doing," he said. ," Prodigal Son aka Prodi said.