Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit Against Tony Rebel, Company Being Heard

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A multimillion-dollar lawsuit brought against reggae artiste Tony Rebel and his company is now being heard in the Supreme Court.

Musician and composer Wayne Lattibeaudiere, popularly known as Jah Wayne, has sued Tony Rebel for using his music without crediting him.

Jah Wayne claims that Rebel breached his copyright in relation to the composition 'Going Home' that was released by Rebel under the title 'La La Bella'. Jah Wayne is contending that he wrote the composition for the song in 1996.

He is also suing Rebel's record label Flame Production Incorporation Limited.

The suit was filed in 1999 but is just being heard in the Home Circuit Court by Justice Kirk Anderson.

He is asking the Court to rule that he is the composer and owner of the copyright of the musical composition, Going Home, otherwise known as La La Bella. He is asking the Court to make an order for the registrar of the Supreme Court to take an account to determine the amount of profit made by the defendant.

He is also asking for an order that the defendant publish in newspaper locally and overseas that he is the composer.

Rebel has denied the claim and is saying he created it on his own and it is his composition.

Justice Kirk Anderson has turned down an application by reggae artiste Tony Rebel and his company to strike out the multimillion-dollar lawsuit brought against them by musician Wayne Lattibeaudiere, popularly known as Jah Wayne.

Jah Wayne had said he did not read his statement before he certified it to be true.

The judge allowed the clerk to read sections of the statement to Jah Wayne for him to make the relevant corrections and certify it as true.

However, the judge awarded costs in favour of the defendants for the three hours it took to correct the statement and additional costs for McBean to review the revised statement.

The judge said the corrected statement must be filed and served on the defence by Thursday.