Youtube Usher blames wrong Producer (Notnice) for Alkaline's battywash line

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Controversial youtuber Youtube Usher, has wrongfully accused billboard charting dancehall producer Notnice of producing Alkaline's Batty Wash song called Fuck You. The youtuber was speaking his mind in one of his usual online rants, however he was way off target this time around as it relates to who the real producer of the song was.

Several commentators have since took to the social networking site to inform Youtube Usher that he should research his facts before opening his mouth.

Alkaline's song has received thousands of views since the controversy about anal licking and continues to grow.

Di sadamite a dancehall music (alkaline and notnice)

Alkaline - Fuck You (2016) [Raw] - Igloo Riddim - February 2014