L.A. Lewis challenges Bounty

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Deejay L.A. Lewis has reported to the St Andrew South police that he has been receiving death threats from some of Bounty Killer's followers because of a YouTube post.

It is reported that after leaving a party last week Wednesday, Lewis was approached by men with ratchet knives who started arguing with him over the controversial diss track he posted on YouTube.

The deejay told the media that he was not hurt in that incident, but he said the experience pushed him to lodge a report to the cops.

Since the latter part of 2013, the deejay has been inviting Bounty Killer to a lyrical confrontation. However, the veteran artiste has not responded to any of the the self-proclaimed Seven-Star General's songs.

The Youtube video, titled 'Bounty Killer Girl Confess to L.A Lewis', has more than 10,000 views and shows a female claiming to be a former lover of Bounty spilling details about the artiste's sexual habits.

Lewis told the media that he is not fearful for his life, because his intentions were merely lyrical; however, he is concerned for the woman in the video who is also receiving death threats.

Efforts made by the media to confirm the report with the police were futile. However, the deejay presented his original receipt to The Gleaner's North Street offices as proof that a formal complaint was in fact made to the police.

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