Fantan's Rasta Soul hits internationally over 2 million views

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Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah has received over two million views on for his single Rasta Got Soul, a song which has never charted in Jamaica and is rarely played on local radio.

The song was produced by Warrior Music on their Think Twice rhythm and is one of Fantan Mojah's more successful singles internationally.

According to Fantan Mojah's management Young Veterans, reggae is not getting effective coverage from local media. "How can a reggae song with no controversy nor nudity get more than two million views online and remains relatively under the radar in Jamaica? Reggae music should be getting more attention especially since the society is going in a direction that doesn't look too morally correct right now," Young Veterans said.

The management says Fantan Mojah has been performing on shows in Jamaica and abroad, and is already an icon in some parts of the world.

"Fantan Mojah is a terrific performer who has thrilled millions all over the world with his music. But I guess sometimes people don't realise just how much impact some of our artistes are making on the global scale if you don't follow the hype. Right now Fantan Mojah's image is painted on the house of one of Chelsea's star football players and that shows the level of respect that he has," Young Veterans said.

The artiste recently performed at Lutan Fyah's Birthday Bash, Ninja Man's Birth Day celebration, Noddy Virtue's Reggae Salute, Stone Love Anniversary, Patrick Roberts Ghetto Splash among others.

The reggae artiste is currently promotion a dancehall song called pro marijuana song called Hydro.

Fantan Mojah - Rasta Got Soul Produce by Dameon Gayle