Alkaline Says he wants a girl to Give him batty wash


If you think sucking pussy and sucking dick was going too far in dancehall. Dancehall artiste Alkaline has pushed the boundaries of dancehall music a step further by saying in his new song Fuck You that he wants to get his anus licked by a girl.

According to the artiste "cocky suck and batty wash is just a brawta. Since the song's release several persons have took to youtube to condemn the young artiste for the batty wash/ass licking line.

Here are some of the comments.

"Chuckie" cah believe that a wah alkaline a deal wid.

Nicholas Graham "Suck mada alkaline!! Yah freak! Batty man bout batty wash"

Bloodray jones "any man who make gal push tongue up dem asshole is a battyman!! alkaline getting off on gal licking him batty!! him worst dan nyamstardam!! mi would bun him out if him say him eat pussy!! but mi bun fire pan battyman more dan fire pan pussy sucker!! mi bun dem all but fire hotter for battyman!! alkaline a battyman!!"

Alkaline - Fuck You (2016 Raw) [Igloo Riddim] February 2014

Dancehall veteran Mr. Vegas recently released a song asking the young artiste to careful what he sings about.