Tiana Defends Freaky sex and J Amsterdam


I response to the bashing the freaky deejay has been receiving for his song Gyal Come Wine Inna Mi Face Tiana said.

"I don't feel they should bash him because if one of the big artistes should come out and admit that he is freaky, you would find that a lot of other established male artistes would start admitting that they are freaky as well. This society is biased. If you are going to bash women for wanting oral sex returned, then you should bash the males, too. Artistes like Vybz Kartel, Konshens, Demarco, and Alkaline have all stated that they want women to perform oral sex on them. So why can't women receive it too?," she asked.

"It's his views and there should be freedom of speech. The song itself could have been better, but I am cheering for him because he has come out of the dark, and there are many more Jamaican men who like oral sex," she said.

Tiana believes some Jamaican men will indulge in oral sex, however, they will pretend in the public space that they are against the practice. The deejay says some Jamaican men did not want to publicly comment on her song Freaky Man (Freaky Gyal Pt 3) on YouTube, but they sent private messages to her cell phone saying that they loved the concept. She sees that as an indication that there exists a strong level of hypocrisy on the part of Jamaican men as it relates to their views on performing oral sex.

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