Tommy Lee Sparta escapes Death in horrid car accident


Artiste Tommy Lee Sparta is now recuperating in the hospital after a motor vehicle accident in his hometown of Montego Bay, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. According to Keona Williams, the director of his Guzu Music Label, the artiste was on his way to his Red and Black birthday party when he lost control of the car and crashed his dark blue convertible on the strip along Rose Hall. He was taken to the MoBay Hope Medical Centre, where it was revealed that he had a broken thigh bone along with scratches and bruises all over his body.

"The blessing is that he is in Montego Bay where all his family and closest friends are, so he is overwhelmed with support. This is a tragic experience for all of us," said Williams. serious situation She added, "I have cried almost to the point of dehydration. Some of the comments online are shameful coming from our own people. The fact it regards such a serious situation it is truly appalling. Tommy Lee Sparta portrays the image of Uncle Demon for entertainment, just as the movie stars do. Leroy Russell does not worship the devil. Leroy Russell has his pastor who has visited him as well as his mother and sisters who are authentic Christians, among other close family members."


Tommy Lee is currently awaiting surgery but is in stable condition and has been sending tweets via social media to his supporters. He is expected to make a full recovery in time for his performance at 'Bring the Sting' at Jamworld, Portmore, on December 26.

Tommy Lee Sparta - Megah Banton - UNKIND - Extended Version - Official Music Video - October 2013