Sweet Killer Is Number One

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Sweet Killer Is Number One

Reggae singer Ginjah is on a musical high.

The music video for his hit single titled Sweet Killer recently topped the Fi Wi Choice Top Ten Countdown.

"It's a nice feeling to have a hit single. I am happy that the song and its video is doing so well. Sometimes you can't predict which song is going to hit, you just have to do good music and let the people decide. It is clear that the people have made this song and its video a hit. I am truly grateful to all the people who are supporting my music," said Ginjah.

Sweet Killer is also doing well on several other charts including the Hit List Reggae Chart on CVM TV where it is in the number 3 position.

Ginjah has been very busy in the studios lately recording for various producers such as Weepow of Stone Love, DJ Frass, Mr. G and Jungle Josh from California.

"Right now Sweet Killer is hot and I am not going to sit back and let the momentum die. So far I have recorded several new tracks for producers like Wee Pow from Stone Love, DJ Frass, Goofy and Jungle Josh, he's producing my album. So the fans are going to get a lot of new music from Ginjah over the next few months."

Also on the cards for Ginjah are a number of overseas engagements.

"I have a lot of foreign shows coming up  and my management team is also negotiating tours with promoters in Europe, Japan and Africa. I have toured some of those places before and the demand for me to return is growing, so I will be very busy on the road over the next few months," said the artiste.