Romain Virgo like Busy Signal, splits from Shane Brown

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Romain Virgo is now parting ways with his co-manager Shane Brown after less than a year of partnership.

"Myself, Shane Brown and my original manager Darwin Brown came together and everybody decided that this is the next step that we should take. A nuh nutten whe have no bad vibes. We are forming our own company called Vikings Productions. Vikings Productions will be my record label, management team and my booking agent as well. We will still work alongside other booking agents like Headline Entertainment also. Shane Brown is no longer co-managing my career, but we still work together musically. There is no bad vibes between me and him. It is still important for us to keep the production part of it regardless of what happened. Tarrus Riley deh deh same way but in terms of management - that will be Vikings Productions. No other name will be attached to me but them," Virgo said.

Brown confirmed"Juke Boxx had an agreement to assist Vikings Productions. That agreement is coming to an end and they will now be taking full control of Romain's career as of January 1. I will still be producing and helping out Romain in whatever way I can. I wish more partnerships can work out like this without any animosity," Brown said.

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