JPS con artiste Nabbed by Police for scamming customers

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Police investigators in St Catherine say they have held a man who allegedly blackmailed Jamaica Public Service customers into paying him thousands of dollars not to disconnect their electricity.

The suspect was held in Portmore after he allegedly collected $40,000 from a customer.

"He was a former employee of a contractor, who worked at the company. He somehow had knowledge of the accounts," an investigator said.

The police said the man would visit the customers and tell them he is going to disconnect their power. He then demanded a sum of money to prevent this action. The fearful customers would then pay over the money to the suspect.

The police said the man is believed to have collected a minimum of $4,000 from each customer, and has been carrying out the scheme for some time. It is unknown how many customers he had duped out of their money. It was revealed that the scheme was thriving up to the time the man was held.

The police said its investigation has widened with a view of apprehending anyone else involved with the criminal act. The man is expected to be charged with extortion this week.