Johnny Defeats Ity and Fancy Cat in heated Clash

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The Magnum All STAR Million Dollar Face-Off organised by THE STAR saw Ity and Fancy Cat losing to Johnny.

Patrons had high expectations of Ity and Fancy Cat in their match up against Johnny, however, it was Johnny who left the venue a champion after tearing the comedic duo to shreds in all rounds.

At the beginning of the clash, Johnny proclaimed that he would demolish 'Ity and Fluxy Cat', while Ity responded to Johnny's disparaging comments by singing Sweet Hour of Prayer to imply that Johnny would meet his demise. However, that was not to be.

The only thing Johnny lost in the clash was the coin toss, and was therefore sent to draw first blood. He did so comfortably by playing old school clash songs like Murderer by Barrington Levy and Respect by Shabba Ranks.

The patrons seemed to be enjoying the set and gave a decent response to his selections. However, when he played songs like Ring The Alarm and When the Roll is Called up Yonder by Tenor Saw, he received a huge roar of a response, and it was clear that Ity and Fancy Cat were up for a serious challenge.

Ity and Fancy Cat came next starting their set by playing Buju Banton's Psalm 22, categorically stating that they preferred to start their set on a positive note. Their first song, Bob Marley's Hold Ya Head was right on point, especially the line which said 'Whoa Johnny was a good boy' giving the idea that Johnny Daley was already dead in the battle.

However, their follow up songs weren't as lethal despite getting good responses from the audience. Songs like Lil Wayne's Love Me and Deep Jahi's Life Goes On were well received, but were not as effective in tearing down Johnny's prior effort. They ended their set with Shabba's Shine and Criss.

After several rounds of battle Johnny proved to be the stronger DJ and won over the audience entirely.

At the end of the face off, all judges ruled in Johnny's favour, while Ity and Fancy Cat were heard in the background jokingly accusing Johnny of bringing a bus load of supporters from his community to support him, an allegation which Johnny denied.

Ity and Fancy Cat also vowed to avenge their loss at Johnny's upcoming Roast tonight.

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley at Comedytainment

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