D'Angel defeats Ishawna in Clash

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Going toe-to-toe Ishawna and D'Angel gave good representations of themselves.

With judges Supa Hype and Tanto Metro in place, D'Angel was first to play in the opening juggling round. Dressed for war in camouflage trench coat and combat boots, she shouted her trademark "an so!" and started with a Beenie Man dub.

However, it was quickly clear that D'Angel and her selector were not quite in sync. In addition, in the round, D'Angel did very few effective introductions and, when she did, her quick manner of speaking did not help. She went for Chronixx's Odd Ras, Bounty Killer's Dead This Time and Supercat's warning to "watch it make mi come dung", ending the round with Kartel.


On the other hand, Ishawna was strong in the round from the get-go with a black gladiator style outfit, complete with short skirt.

"You fallen angel, the blood of Jesus against you!" Ishawna said and the crowd roared. Her juggling started on a spiritual note with Buju Banton and Gramps Morgan's version of Psalm 23, continuing with Untold Stories.

"We nah juggle di everyday ting. Some gal no creative," Ishawna said.

She dropped an Ikaya track, stating that D'Angel had not played any female artistes, before playing Greetings on 45 and dub. There was another jab at D'Angel, Ishawna claiming that only five persons attended her rival's An So Thursdays party.

Ishawna ended an already strong round on a high with a dub of Bugle's Compatible which took the house down.

Supa Hype announced "Ishawna take da roun' ya" and it was on to the 45 round.

Back without the trench coat, showing long legs and wearing a camouflage flak jacket, D'Angel fared a little better. Cobra's Press Trigger was a decent start and there was a rush at the front when D'Angel did a toss out, Flippa Moggler style.

Mavado's Action Pak was also in the mix, as the round ended on a high.

Ishawna demanded that D'Angel "stop buy forward" and hit where it hurt. "She a de only gal whe deh wid two icon inna dancehall. But none a dem nuh stay," Ishawna said, looking over her shoulder at the audience as she played Little Lenny's Healthy Body. That was strong, but it was when Vegas' She's a Ho was dedicated to D'Angel that Famous erupted. And, commenting that D'Angel kept saying she was from Spanish Town, Ishawna declared "a Seaview Garden mi come from" and played Kartel's observation "mi no care whe yu bad from".

It was two up for Ishawna, as Tanto Metro announced that she had won the round.

By a coin toss, Ishawna was up first in the dub for dub round. Ishawna mocked D'Angel's selector, mimicking a Japanese accent before dropping a dub of Dye Dye.

D'Angel responded with a Twin of Twins, sending Ishawna "dung inna hell". Ishawna was back with Bounty demanding "a who?", but D'Angel's Kartel took the house down.

Ishawna was back with Beres Hammond telling all to step aside, but D'Angel was in her element.

With the flak jacket off, she stood on the console to deliver a powerful Cobra shot, the crowd bouncing to the repeated "shot a fia".

There were some boos when Ishawna said "I hear say Angel carry a Coaster bus a people", playing a Bounty dub of Gun No Stick. But D'Angel had a resounding response.

"Me get di two boss fi dancehall, but yu get Joe handybwoy. Yu cyaa use my man dub an' kill mi," she said.

The howls went up as Bounty's unmistakeable voice hailed D'Angel and Famous only got more intense as he launched into a medley, concluding "yu dead yu Mumma bawl, Angel name yu call".

D'Angel was declared the winner, Nuffy explaining that based on the points allocation someone could lose the first two rounds but still win the dub for dub and win the overall face-off.

Some of Ishawna's disappointed fans sought to boo D'Angel during her victory lap, to much shock and surprise she responded.

"MI deh wid the two biggest names inna dancehall because mi pussy good," the audience erupted.

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