Cobra Wants US$ 40,000 for Sting appearance

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Mad Cobra has declared that he will only perform at Sting 2013 if he is compensated generously by the event's organisers, Supreme Promotions and Downsound Records.

"It has been 10 years since I last did Sting. The last three years, I paid my money and went to see it as a patron, mi never get no free ticket. So, if he needs me over there this year, Isaiah Laing will have to pay me. I already have a couple of shows lined up for the US where I will make US$60,000, so if he needs me at Sting, I have to be paid at least US$40,000," he said.

Cobra declared that he would rather work for free in the ghetto people shows than do Sting for less than he is worth.

"Ah from August dem check me, so right now, the window ah close. I would love to perform for the people at Sting and reintroduce myself to the young fans who love Teeth a Pull and who never yet see me perform. But if Laing dem a pay Super Cat US$80,000, then mi need to be paid as well. Mi woulda rather do the zinc-fence show dem fi free, but Sting has to pay," he said.

He said he plans to work early, so that he can deliver a full set chock-full of his hits like Yush, Gundelero, Bad Boy Talk, Done Wife and Flex, the international smash hit that topped the US Rap singles chart, hitting number seven on the R&B chart, and peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

However, he said he plans to return to the stage in the wee hours of the morning to participate in what he dubbed a 'jackpot' clash where money will be pooled for the ultimate Sting clash champion.

"I will put some of the money I got from my early Sting performances ... in the jackpot cause mi ready fi murder some people; just put me (up) against the top three and mi will kill them. It no matter which order dem come up in, ah just one result and one outcome, dem a go dead. Mi nuh have nothing to prove, mi nuh have no Sting title but mi badda than the whole ah dem," he said.

In closing, he delivered an ultimatum to the organisers.

"If no bad clash no gwaan over Jamworld, Sting ah go just be another stage show, nothing memorable and if yu waan people come out, yu have to pay money to entertain them."

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